Fingerprint professionals link suspects with a crime scene, establish the identity of a victim
or suspect, exonerate the innocent.

Would you like to be able to identify victims, missing persons, and lawbreakers
engage in criminal activity and more?  Are you interested in a serious
profession that rewards initiative and skill?  Would you like to understand
crime scene investigations (CSI)?  

If so, Academy of Investigational Services and Training (AIST) is the
convenient home study fingerprint course that is right for you.  

Gain the skills you need to advance or begin your career as a Fingerprint Professional,
offered through the AIST fingerprint course.  Our highly specialized, distance-learning
curriculum is designed around you and your demanding work and home-life schedule.  
Our forensic fingerprint certification can make all the difference in a variety of CSI
fingerprint employment opportunities with national law enforcement agencies and local
police departments.

We will teach you the knowledge and techniques used by real-world law enforcement
fingerprint professionals.  Practical home study training from AIST makes learning
fingerprint classification and comparison possible is available for you whenever you have
time to study.  You will receive the same training as students attending a school or college
course on fingerprints. Look at our online
FAQ link for more information.

Fingerprint graduates can consider entry-level employment opportunities as a Fingerprint
Technician.  Job salaries for these positions start at an average of $55,000 per year
depending on state and city location.  With experience, salaries average approximately
$65,000 - $85,000 per year depending on state and city location. Experience is not
required for fingerprint entry level positions as long as the job candidate has the
appropriate education for the position. Look at our online
jobs description link for more

When you study with AIST, you will learn the proper forensic techniques of CSI of
fingerprints. You will learn how to identify
fingerprint patterns such as arches, loops, and
.  This comprehensive program also teaches you to understand the principles of
classifying, searching, and comparing specific types of fingerprints.  

You will learn how AFIS , the Automated Fingerprint Identification System operates. The
AFIS computer scans and encodes fingerprint records into a database. It can match a
fingerprint sample, either a partial fingerprint or a single fingerprint or a ten-print set, by
searching the database.  AFIS searched thousands of prints a second. More than 20,000
local, state, federal, and international agencies electronically submit to AFIS.

By the time you complete the AIST Fingerprint Course, you be able to conduct ACE-V, an
acronym for
Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation  and Verification used for identification or
exclusion of an individual fingerprint.  You will learn how to present your fingerprint
examination as evidence in a court of law.  Our fingerprint course will give you all of the
knowledge and ability to follow these scientific forensic directions in fingerprint

Forensic fingerprint students need to pass proficiency fingerprint
examination to receive
certification.  Passing proficiency fingerprint examination will give students the knowledge
to take test for entry level positions in forensic CSI of fingerprints.

The AIST curriculum is a proven way to earn a career in fingerprint classification and
comparison.  Learn and earn your Fingerprint Certificate at home and you can design
your study time around your own schedule.
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