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Fingerprint Examination.

Examination consist of four sections: Part (1) 50 true or false questions; Part (2) 50 multiple questions;
Part (3) 55 actual fingerprints to examine for comparison; and Part (4) 100 actual fingerprints to classify.

Students must score a 70% or higher, on each section of the examination, in order to pass the course
and receive a certification of completion.

Students who score below 70% will have one opportunity to retake the examination.  The retake will
consist only of the section or sections of the exam that were failed.  Students will be notified of their
results and receive retake examination for each section failed and have five weeks to complete the
retake examination.

Students who pass the AIST examination will receive their certification and the knowledge and
experience to test for an entry level position as a Fingerprint Classifier, also know as a Fingerprint
Examiner, Fingerprint Expert, Identification Specialist, Forensic Specialist / Technician, Latent
Fingerprint Analyst, or its equivalent.