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FAQ - Distance Learning Studies

What is distance learning?  Distance learning is completing fingerprint studies without being present in a
class room. The quality of education is usually better than that of a class room since most individuals who
choose distance learning to obtain their training are more self motivated. Due to today's technology more
people than ever before are choosing distance learning over traditional class room settings as the vehicle of
choice to obtain their training. Convenience and costs associated with a more traditional setting are just
some of the reasons more students are taking course work through distance education

Is this a distance learning course?  Yes.  This is a unique fingerprint course that recognizes the
advantages of learning at home for the working professionals.

Is the Fingerprint Certificate training earned via this distance learning program the same as the
Fingerprint Certificate training earned by students attending classes on campus at a college or
police department?
 Yes.  You will receive the same Fingerprint Certificate Training as students attending a
college or police department.

Will my certificate indicate it was obtained by distance learning?  No, your certificate will not look any
different than someone who took a more conventional course of study nor will it indicate it was earned by
distance learning.

Do I need fingerprint certification?  It may or may not be required in your state, and it depends on the area
you live, but certification is always a good idea even if it's optional since it establishes your level of fingerprint
education, knowledge, and ability to take entry employment fingerprint examinations.

What are the materials mailed?  One fingerprint magnifiers, course instructions, two fingerprint textbooks,
one fingerprint workbook, exercise assignments, examples, and exam request form.

What is the comparable cost of distance education vs traditional education on campus?  Statistics
suggest that the average cost for a fingerprint course obtained on a traditional police department, college or
university campus with books and materials is approximately $600 to $1,400 per person. AIST continues to
maintain an affordable cost through the use of our home study fingerprint course.  Our cost options for the
Fingerprint Course are $149 with books on CD format.

Is this fingerprint course designed by proficient instructors?  Yes.  This course was designed by
graduated administration of justice college degree professionals. They have worked for police departments
and / or U.S. Government agencies.  All instructors are police or college certified fingerprint experts /

Do I have to travel to complete this program?  No.  AIST has designed this program to be delivered
throughout the world.  The program utilizes distance learning technologies and professional facilitators to
eliminate the travel requirements without sacrificing the tremendous value of learning.

How long is the course?  The distance learning program requires 54 hours of fingerprint course work.   
Most full time students require 4 weeks to complete the program.   One hour of course work requires
approximately one to two hours of study time.  This particular distance learning program is structured to allow
students to study on their own time.  Study time is an individual assessment.

How long do I have to complete the course?  The distance-learning program must be completed within
14 weeks. You can request an additional 6 weeks of time by sending a letter with your reason(s) for more
time. Your letter will give you six additional weeks automatically.

How is the course materials delivered?  All materials will come to you via U.S. Mail sent directly to your
home or office.  

When can I start?  Since AIST maintains open enrollment and does not involve class room attendance, you
may enroll at any time throughout the year and may start on your courses immediately after acceptance by
AIST.  Our distance learning program is designed to accommodate only those students wishing to take their
courses entirely at home or work.  You can start at anytime.

Are there any prerequisites?  Yes.  All students must be 18 years or older; graduated from high school or
have a GED (General Equivalency Diploma).   The Fingerprint Certificate requires that all students have
"NO" felony convictions.  If above prerequisites are fulfilled student may apply and take the prescribed
fingerprint course of study.

What type of employment is available in the Fingerprint Classification field?  Upon completion of this
fingerprint course you can test for an entry level position for the job class of Fingerprint Classifier, also known
as Fingerprint Examiner, Fingerprint Expert, Fingerprint Analysis, Fingerprint Identification Expert,
Fingerprint Specialist, Fingerprint Technician, or its equivalent.

Where are the employment opportunities?   Fingerprint employment opportunities are located in cities,
counties, states, and Federal Government Civil Service areas of fingerprint forensics and related fields of
law enforcement.

Are you limited to the United States for employment as a Fingerprint Classifier?  No.  Our fingerprint
system is being used by law enforcement agencies throughout the English speaking world.   The student can
apply for entry level fingerprint positions with any English speaking country.  Australia, Canada, England,
New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.